About us

The company "DK Jaunbūve" Ltd. is focused on manufacturing and wholesale of cast iron products, and has been the product distributor in the Baltic States since 2003.

We offer:
All kinds of cast iron hatches, hydrants, gas surface boxes tailored for road building works, as well as for construction of water supply, gas and sewerage systems, all sorts of equipment for stoves and furnaces (grates, burner doors, stove surfaces, etc.), park benches and decoration elements for yards, balconies and stair railings, piston-type hydraulic actuators for agricultural, road building and municipal utility machinery, and for tractors.

"DK Jaunbūve" Ltd. co-operates with such partners as Rīgas Ūdens, Ceļu Pārvalde, Uponor Latvija, Siguldas Pilsētas Dome, ACB, Limbažu Ceļi, Evopipes, Indutek - LV, Samerite, Rīgas siltums, Gasso, Gerunda.lt., etc.